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Orkney (Maoile Nan Crogaichean) by Sikkersnapper. The cover is a red tinted pencil sketch of Wideford Hill, Orkney. Music available from

Orkney (Maoile Nan Crogaichean)

New release: Orkney (Maoile Nan Crogaichean)

Sikkersnapper announces the release of the new single Orkney (Maoile Nan Crogaichean) for electric guitar and wind. This piece is an arrangement of a traditional Scottish fiddle tune, recorded in the Athole Collection of 1884 as being from a “very old set”.

Orkney (Maoile Nan Crogaichean) is available to listen and buy now from Bandcamp at

The alternative title Maoile Nan Crogaichean may translate as “bare hill of the barren old ewes.” In any case, it’s as bleak and lonely as a wind-blasted Orcadian winter.

There is a similar, perhaps better-known reel called Orkney, which is seemingly a later variant of the same composition.