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And Now The News Where You Are, with McMerlin Hobgobley - animation still showing 3-eyed, large foreheaded black and white news anchor based on BBC presenter McDonald-Hobley.

The News Where You Are

Teaser for BBC Get Off The Air featuring McMerlin Hobgobley.

And now The News Where You Are, with McMerlin Hobgobley

The new single by Sikkersnapper, BBC Get Off The Air, comes to music streaming services tomorrow, Friday 2nd June 2023. It is also available to buy and download from Bandcamp, and you can find a premiere on YouTube at noon BST which showcases the original Jimmy Savile Test Card F cover art in widescreen format (this had to be altered for distribution via streaming services).

McMerlin Hobgobley, the Mental Manipulator, is inspired by one of the original BBC anchors, Dennys McDonald-Hobley. The song lyrics cover the history of the BBC and its ‘Reithian’ (not to say Orwellian) remit.

I’m with the BBC
I control the narrative
Your mind belongs to me
The world enjoys our service
We are an institution
Broadcasting Britain
By way of air pollution
I make a handsome living
Thanks to the public purse
But when the microphone is muted
I’m afraid it’s you I curse
Don’t get above your station
Stay tuned to ours all day
You plebians are pathetic
You’ll do everything I say

McMerlin Hobgobley, BBC Get Off The Air