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BBC Get Off The Air - cover based on Test Card F. The young girl playing noughts and crosses sits in Jimmy Savile's lap.

BBC Get Off The Air

BBC Get Off The Air is an original piece of music inspired by the 1985 Dead Kennedy’s classic “M.T.V. – Get off the Air.” It is currently available to stream or buy on Bandcamp.

“A state of ignorance is to be preferred to one of enlightenment.”

John Reith, first Director of the BBC, 1924.


I’m with the BBC
I control the narrative
Your mind belongs to me
The world enjoys our service
We are an institution
Broadcasting Britain
By way of air pollution
I make a handsome living
Thanks to the public purse
But when the microphone is muted
I’m afraid it’s you I curse
Don’t get above your station
Stay tuned to ours all day
You plebians are pathetic
You’ll do everything I say

From the day it was founded
As John Reith admitted
The BBC has never been impartial
Distorting the picture
Directing the culture
Presenting the world
Through the establishment lens

Ask Ramsay Macdonald
Or the archbishop
Deplatformed in the General Strike
Or lefty folk musicians
Marked and blacklisted
Too many subversive ideas

BBC Get Off The Air

Police attack miners
They edit the footage
To maintain the class divide
What kind of corporation
Conceals Jimmy Saville?
A monster with right royal friends

And now the news where you are
This is London Calling
Subverting your democracy
Talking you down
Arselicking the crown
Denying you your sovereignty

BBC Get Off The Air

It’s question time
And I have many questions
About lobby groups and integrity
The camera finds
the same Orange man again!
Chosen by Mentorn for your city

Fallacious balance
Raised up Nigel Farage
Giving equal weight to his lies
Right wing agendas
Play down global crises
Keeping you blind to the real coming storm

BBC Get Off The Air

(God Save The Queen/King (delete as applicable))

And so it was our beloved Auntie Beeb
Held the remnants of Empire together
State propaganda
From the time of it’s inception
To mould and assimilate
Has always been the mission
Pacify the masses
Compliance and sedation
Shaping opinion
Through bias and omission
Selective education
An Orwellian solution
They’ll do anything
To prevent revolution
It’s Anglocentric
Cultural annihilation
Brainwashing and softening your mind
But license fees are falling
We won’t all pay to be lied to
Could it be the BBC has finally hired one too many Tories?

BBC get off the air – NOW!