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The Legend of Assipattle and the Stoor Worm

Legend has it that the Northern Isles of Scotland were formed from the teeth of a gigantic serpent called the Stoor Worm. The monster was defeated at the hands of an unlikely hero called Assipattle.

Assipattle was an idle dreamer. He spent so much of his time sleeping by the fireplace, he was covered in soot and ash. No-one believed he was capable of killing the Stoor Worm, but Assipattle was a Seventh Son and he knew differently.

Every Saturday, seven girls were tied to rocks to appease the Stoor Worm, who devoured them. The King declared that the hero who defeated the serpent would be gifted the legendary sword Sikkersnapper. The King had inherited this weapon from Odin himself.

Many champions tried and failed to beat the serpent.

Despairing lest he sacrifice his own daughter, Princess Gem-de-Lovely, the King decided to try his own hand against the monster.

Assipattle beat him to it. He stole the fastest horse in the land, Teetgong, which he spurred on with his father’s goose thrapple whistle. Reaching the shore, he stole an iron pot and a lump of peat from a nearby croft, and then hoodwinked the King‘s ‘kamperman’ and took his boat as well.

Assipattle sailed towards the Stoor Worm, which was so huge it inhaled the boat. He pulled out his muckle ragger and cut into the monster’s liver. He stuffed the burning peat into the bloody hole and blew on the embers to set it alight. The Stoor Worm retched as its innards caught fire and filled up with toxic smoke. The sea serpent spat out the boat, and Assipattle made it safely to shore.

The Stoor Worm thrashed violently, creating island groups, Icelandic volcanoes and the Baltic sea as it died.

Assipattle received Sikkersnapper, along with the hand of Gem-de-Lovely in marriage. In time they became King and Queen in their own right, and had many children.

Of Sikkersnapper no more has been told.